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2022’s Must-Have Upcoming Home Décor Trends

Like fashion, home décor comes in waves and trends, with new styles and different key pieces becoming trendy every year. While it’s always recommended to invest in timeless furniture that makes you feel great for your home, buying some key pieces each year is a great way to stay up to date and stylish when it comes to your home décor choices.

Here at Shopping Mart, we’re passionate about offering our customers cost-effective, accessible, and stylish décor pieces to stand the test of time and make your home design really stand out. Here are some of our predictions for what those must-have home accessories and pieces will be for the New Year, and how to easily achieve their essence in your own home.


Natural Materials

Following a brief affair with Y2K-style plastic furniture and 80s inspired neon signs the past few years, 2022 is going to bring with it a surge in the use of more natural materials in terms of furniture, fabrics, and home textiles. Natural materials such as oak, bamboo, and even stones like granite and marble, are a fantastic way of bringing an earthy and relaxing feel into the home while still retaining a sense of style and luxury. It’s predicted that natural materials will mostly rise to popularity in the living room and bedroom, with wooden coffee tables, rattan furniture, and soft woollen blankets taking centre stage. When it comes to styling your home in natural materials, investing in smaller pieces of new furniture such as side tables and cushions is a great way to start.


Mixed Textures & Fabrics

Mixing different textures in home décor is a style trend that has already begun gaining popularity, especially on décor-inspired social media accounts. Like the name suggests, this trend includes a mismatch of textures, materials, and fabrics to give a “dishevelled but still put together” boho look. This style is primarily used in bedrooms and living rooms and can be quite easily achieved by matching blankets and cushions of different colours and textures together on soft furniture. If you’re feeling extra brave, mismatched rugs can be combined and furniture can be painted to give the disjointed feel that this décor look strives to accomplish. This style works best in a room that already has a bohemian and eclectic feel, bringing it up that extra notch and creating a modern, cool, and unique space with ease.


Living Room Bars & Funky Spaces

If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a fun and relaxing space in the home that allows you to kick back and relax after a busy, stressful day. One great way of doing this is by dedicating a certain corner (or room!) in the house to being an entertaining area. Think of this as the hub of all things social; the place where guests say “wow” after entering. While bar carts have always been popular, more and more homeowners are creating built-in bars and entertainment systems using existing kitchen furniture and living room furniture to give their homes that extra edge and feeling of fun. We predict a massive surge in popularity in home bars and entertainment areas, so why not get in front of the crowd and plan yours now?


Versatile Rooms

Following on from our last point, the last few years have clearly shown us the importance of versatility in the home, which is an element that many of us are now trying to emphasise with home décor. In the coming year, home décor will be all about versatility and creating a space that’s flexible and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. This means cute desk set-ups in kitchens, living room spaces in bedrooms, and chill-out areas in gardens. Home décor items such as outdoor furniture, sleek office furniture, functional furniture such as hidden storage, and cute, eclectic ornaments will make this design style come to life, offering both style and service.

Whether you’re a classic and timeless home decorator or like to keep on trend with the latest home décor trends, there’s something to suit everyone and all budgets at Shopping Mart, helping you bring an element of modern style into your existing home interior.


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